Midway through 2010 we flew to Poland to play Seven Festival with Russian band, Stepanov’s Starlings. We hadn’t met the guys before but we clicked like old friends. On the first day of the festival, they played a blinder of a set on one of the small stages. We loved their show – complete with bird costumes and wild stage antics. That night we played the main stage & the following night the Starlings played the main stage, having won best band on the small stage, the day before. I vaguely remember too much vodka consumption back-stage. It was a hell of a mess. But what an awesome weekend…

The video below features Stepanovs Starlings on stage (last week) at a festival celebrating the Euro 2012 Soccer Championship in Gdansk, Poland.

Great guys – we miss em. Awesome to see the band kicking it to a big crowd.