Arcane Saints were on tour in China during April/May this year. We hooked up with the Saints and fellow Melbournites, Backyard Surgeons, for an acoustic show in Beijing. The night got pretty messy, 3 Aussie bands on separate tours of China, hooking up for one show.

Arcane Saints at Midi Festival May 2012.

The Saints dropped us a Facebook post yesterday – their China Tour Diary. Well worth the read. They mention said show in Beijing, Monday April 30 at Blue Stream Bar.

Scotty Rocks Darts Grand Final:
Our house mate Scotty plays darts for Heidelberg RSL. Wednesday night, they won the Northern Districts B-Grade Grand Final against Greensborough.

Scotty on a roll at Heidelberg RSL Darts Grand Final, Wed 20th June 2012.

Max & I went down to watch the game. Scotty played like a champ, sealing the win with his final throw. Heidelberg now move into A-Grade for next season, which begins in 2 weeks time. Go Heids!