Band photographer, Mat Ward, sent us this interesting article about the use of specific chords in pop songs. The folks who held the study analysed some 1300 songs, reaching conclusions about which chords are most used in general – or at certain times.

Graph taken from the Hooktheory Chord article – click here to read.

The C chord appears to be the overall winner by a long way (although not in the graph above). G and F were also popular. One of my guitar teachers used to tell me the C chord was so often used because it related to the genital Chakra. We seem to love Gs and Fs here at The On Fires.

Exciting stuff isn’t it? Hey it is Monday morning – we’re trying to ease into the week here.

Had a big Saturday night with the boys this weekend. T’was a cracker…

Checkya tomorrow,
Fires out.
PS – Thanks again Mat Ward.