Last night’s secret show went off OK. Not great – but not too bad. Little rusty. Ears are still ringing from my fold-back. Damned it was loud. As Max will tell you, I rarely turn the guitar amp down of my own volition. Last night I kept backing that volume off, and off. The audio guys must have jacked my amp directly to the PA because turning down made no difference. Deafening on stage. When I asked people out front after the show, they said everything was pretty low or quiet…

Our tour manager, Tom, sent us these mini shots from last night –

The On Fires secret pre-tour gig Beijing 17 April 2012.

Had a couple of minor hick-ups in the set but, all in all, it felt pretty good. And good to blow out the cobwebs before we kick the tour off officially tomorrow in Shanghai. Check the Shows page for details.

Checkya later.
Fires out.