Another big day today. Started with the mastering suite to finalise the latest releases. Sounds fantastic – always great when John at Crystal works on our stuff.

John Ruberto & Marty X at Crystal Mastering, Melbourne.

We’ve been mastering there for years & it’s always lifted our audio mixes up a notch. John was talking today about how there’s a lot of competition our there with people now mastering from their garages & audio engineers offering the service as an ‘add-on’. It sounds crazy to me that bands would spend endless hours on their recordings (and a pile of cash) only to put the whole sound in jeopardy by skimping on mastering. It’s one of the most important steps & there’s no substitute for the guys who really know what they’re doing.

The rest of the day was spent running around like a headless chicken locating power supplies and other stuff related to the upcoming China tour (Melbourne’s traffic is definitely approaching Sydney’s grid-lock mayhem).

Now, I’m sitting at home working on promo-videos for China – which should have been done a week ago. Ahhhhhhhhh! (It’s a Friday night dammit)

He he.
Fires out.