Yesterday was a big one, starting with sitting in line at the Chinese Consulate. The good news – we’ve finally got our visas which is a good thing seemings as we’re touring there next month. We leave next Thursday.

After the good visa news, we started set up for a video shoot which started around 1pm & finished about 9 hours later, give or take.

Max & Marty on set yesterday for the next video single release.

We’re both really sore today – I’d have to liken the experience to several hours of aerobics with a few breaks here and there to catch your breath. And we’re not exactly aerobic fit at this point. When the final take was done, we had general collapse. Suffice to say, it’ll be an energetic vid. I think we shot the song about 40 times.

Tomorrow, we head into mastering for the final phase of the next recordings – with a single & video to be released in time for the China tour.

Checkya tomorrow,
Fires out.