Visa Stuff:
Just spent an hour (this time) at the Chinese consulate. And we had all the relevant documentation. They’ve ticked the boxes, so we should have those all-important visas by next week.

Michael From SOM – Now An Actor
Micheal from Sons Of Messengers just dropped over. Great catching up. He’s playing Hamlet next week at a theatre somewhere in Mt Waverley (will post the details here when he shoots us the link). We’re going down to check it out – only just found out he was an actor.

TC Does it again:
Tony C just sent this pic through on Facebook. The world’s coolest fridge?

Release Update:
Mixing is done. The 2nd new song landed last night and we made the mistake of listening to it before going to bed. No sleep possible til very late in the early morning. Tired today – but pumped up something stoopid. Time for mastering & we’re ready to release.

Have a great weekend.
Fires out.