Sitting in line today at the Chinese consulate waiting for our turn at the visa counter. The place was packed – lunch time crowd… A swing and a miss. Got to the counter, didn’t have the relevant details (they never told us to have said relevant details) and the girl at the counter seemed thrilled that we’d have to come back and do it all again. At least she was happy. Nice way to blow a coupla hours & parking fees for a smiley bureaucratic ‘don’t argue’.


New Release Saga:
Ya know, we’re nearly there: Heard the first mix last night & sent it back for some adjustment. That said, it sounded huge. Dave Carr is a genius (producer). We’ll have to wait a couple of days for the next proof though. Dave’s main computer died yesterday. And thus, he was expressing a desire to smash it into small pieces. All in all, it’s been an expensive recording session on both sides. One dead computer, another one on the way out, a dead hard-drive costing over $2000 to fix, a blown out Marshall head needing complete valve replacement, and we’re not done yet…

Checkya tomorow,
Fires out.