Came across this short article today, written by Ian Ball from UK band, Gomez. It featured in The Guardian (UK) a few years ago, but definitely still relevant. Laughed when I read it.

“How do rock bands survive touring?”…
(Ian Ball, Gomez)

Prepare for insanity.

The hardest thing about touring is trying to survive an endless groundhog day lifestyle. People think you’re seeing all these great places, but you won’t see anything. You’re going to wake up on the tour bus outside the venue, probably hungover, slightly disorientated, hot and in desperate need of a shower. You’ll basically see the area around the venue, a restaurant, a soundcheck and that’s it. And its going to be like that for every single city in the world. It’s like being the detective in a surreal mystery. You’re constantly solving tiny little problems: misplaced shower gel, room keys, passports, sanity. We have all literally gone on stage and said ‘Hello’ to the wrong town at some point. Our guitarist Tom Gray’s classic was in Australia. I can’t remember which city he said, but he was at least 1,200 miles off.

The On Fires, Midi Festival, Beijing China 2011.

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