Continuing on from yesterday’s comedic video post, Bad News live at Donnington Monsters of Rock, 1986. For those unfamiliar with Bad News, they’re the guys from cult classic BBC TV show, The Young Ones. Bad News was a spoof-metal act, not unlike Spinal Tap, born out of a ‘mockumentary’ TV episode released in 1983, featuring a fictional tour of England. The show was (and still is) hilarious.

Bad News released another mockumentary episode in 1987 called ‘More Bad News’ – I haven’t seen that one yet. The video above is killer, showing the guys arriving and playing to 250 thousand people at Donnington. Check out the bottle & rubbish throwing from this massive crowd.

The ‘band’ also released an album, most of which is a recording of them fighting in the studio. Mat Ward gave me a copy some time ago, which I recently found again & have been playing on repeat the past few weeks. Comedy gold.

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