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China Pic & Tour Talks

Love this shot. I think it was taken at Midi Festival, Beijing, May last year.

Max just posted it on our Facebook. We’d just got off stage in front of an audience of 30 thousand. We had about 30 minutes to take pics & shake hands before being bustled into a van bound for the airport for another festival the following day (Zebra Fest in Chengdu).

Met with Tom, our China tour manager last night at the infamous Young & Jacksons pub in Melbourne. It was a great, but all too brief, catch up – and a bit surreal. The last time we saw Tom was out front of a hotel in Beijing at the end of a massive tour. The next time we see him will be in Shanghai at the beginning of the next China tour in April.

Tom, Max, Marty at Young & Jacksons Melbourne last night.

Checkya later.
Fires out.

Back In Melbourne Town, Sydney Fireworks Vid

Back in Melbourne today. Feeling good. The city’s still pretty quiet – most folks still away on holiday. Not too much of a pace shock after hanging with my folks in Tamworth (Australia’s ‘country music capital’) where everything runs a lot slower.

Looking forward to catching up with Tom, our China tour manager, tonight (while he’s momentarily back in town for Christmas).

…and the Sydney fireworks this year to ring in 2012. This is nuts –

Checkya tomorrow.
Fires out.

Happy New Year, China Tour Shots

Happy New Year!

Yes – a couple of days belated but I’ve been kicking back here on the outskirts of Tamworth & things have definitely slowed to a crawl.

Back in Melbourne later today (about to make my way to the airport). Psyching up for the culture shock.

More live shots from China, taken from the May 2011 national tour –

Many thanks to our good friend Long Truong for these fantastic shots.

Checkya tomorrow,
Fires out.

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