Sneaky Vader, Missy Daisy:
Love this pic. Got it from Missy Daisy’s official Facebook page.

The traveling roadshow that is Missy Daisy (Clive Dundee & his tour van) will be partying at Victoria Park, Abbotsford on Sat 11 Feb in honour of birthdays for Cujo, Clive & Deano. The van will apparently be open for inspection as we BBQ, kick the footy, & drink beer on the hollowed turf.

Victoria Park is the home of Australia’s most famous (or infamous) football team – Collingwood. A place where legends were born. I remember as a kid, standing with my dad in the outer, watching the Bulldogs play the Pies. Not the safest feeling; a beer-fueled crowd getting more and more out of control as the game went on. Nothing like Missy Daisy’s event in a couple of weeks…

Drums Atlanta:
Kent goes into Open Sky studios in Atlanta on Tuesday to record drums for the next single. We’ll have those drum audio files here by the week’s end to lay the rest of the instruments & vocals down.

Checkya later.
Fires out