Had a great afternoon yesterday at Stalk & Kim’s place, Abbotsford, Melbourne. It was indeed Australia Day – a day off around the country to celebrate white colonial ‘settlement’ – and the beginnings of Australia the country, and a day for Australia’s indigenous people to commiserate the invasion of their ancient land.

Max, Dave (rear facing) and Marty, thumbs up at Stalk & Kim’s, yesterday – pic courtesy of Clive Cooke.

At our small backyard party, the weather was beautiful & the beer was flowing under the warm summer sun. I vaguely remember a deep philosophical conversation at Stalk & Kim’s infamous kitchen table (where the minds meet) before staggering out the door on the walk home at dusk.

Kent records drums in Atlanta, this weekend, for the next single release due out in preparation for the US and China tours, March to May. Tours which are fast approaching.

Checkya later.
Fires out.