We’ve been in the throes of pre-production this week – in preparation for recording the next single & b-side, including a couple of days down at Bakehouse studios in Richmond, banging out the new songs at volume. Nothing like hearing them live for the first time. The Bakehouse sessions will continue over the weekend. We’re due in the recording studio, first weekend in Feb with David Carr producing (as mentioned in yesterday’s post).

The On Fires live in Beijing 2011 – pic by Long Truong.

In the mean time, the drums will be recorded in Atlanta, Georgia. Kent goes into the studio there about a week from now. They’ll shoot the audio files across cyberspace to Melbourne, where Dave Carr will take over & weave his magic. Everybody’s excited about making a trans-Pacific recording happen. We’re trying to stay one step ahead in case there’s an unforeseen hitch – so far so good. The theory is sound.

Have a great weekend.
Checkya later,
Fires out.