Our local Crocodile Dude, Clive “Dundee” Cooke, rolled back into town yesterday. We had drinks etc over at Stalk & Kim’s place to celebrate.

Clive’s been on a traveling odyssey around Australia for the past 6 months. We featured some video of him crossing the Nullabor Plain earlier this month. Clive used to live locally before re-basing to Tamworth & beyond about 5 years ago. These days he’s completely nomadic, staying in Melbourne til February before taking off again. Clive’s a big supporter of The On Fires from way back. He was there at nearly every show before we began overseas touring in 2007.

Clive ‘Dundee’ Cooke.

We had a great afternoon catching up & drinking too much – as ya do at this time of year.

Clive, Max, Stalk (behind Max) & Scotty (our housemate).

Checkya tomorrow,
Fires out.