Last night we met up at a restaurant in Victoria Street, Abbotsford, for a farewell-to-Al dinner. Our good friend Al Golder, after years living locally, is moving to Wellington, New South Wales. In fact, he’s on the road right now somewhere in southern NSW, having left at about 7am this morning.

Max & Al at Stalk & Kim’s place last night.

When things started to get messy at the restaurant, we moved to Stalk & Kim’s place. The shot above isn’t a particularly good one of Al so I thought I’d add the little inset there (taken from his Facebook).

When we got back from overseas this year, Al put us up at his place for two weeks while we organised somewhere to stay. Baz, Al’s Staffy dog, played like a maniac with Mojo, our Staffy, every waking moment. A month later, Baz wounded Mojo in fairly unsavory fashion (for those with strong stomachs – check this out).

We’ll miss you Al – all the best on your new journey.

The Alan Golder Marquis, Stalk & Kim’s backyard.

Checkya later,
Fires out.