Went down to Station 59 in Church St Richmond last night to hang out at the Resignators Christmas party show. It was an awesome night. By the time I got there Chris & Craigie were well on the way at the bar. Did my best to catch up. A small snippet of the Resignators on stage in the video below (video quality not the best)…

As usual the Resignators were great. Can’t help but like this band, everybody in the pub dancing or tapping their feet. We played with the guys at Cherry Bar a few weeks ago at our final show for the year. We first met the band at a show in Toronto in March. Guitarist Steve helped me with some tech issues right before we were due on stage. They came on after us & cranked out an amazing set.

Resignators at Station 59 last night.

A little hungover this morning.

Checkya tomorrow,
Fires out.