Case of Monday-itis this morning. Was a great weekend. Caught a band on Friday night, hanging with friends Saturday, recovery Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday, while spraying out Mojo’s dog house yesterday morning, Max discovered this little beauty –

The spider in the shot above was caught fleeing the scene (that’s Max’s finger in glove on the left). For our overseas readers, it’s called a Red Back – one of Australia’s most venomous, dangerous spiders. Not good for the dog to be sleeping with – and this one was particularly big as far as Red Backs go. Apparently, it’s poison attacks the nervous system, causing death or serious illness. My dad was bitten by a Red Back & didn’t get to the doctor fast enough. It took about 7 years to fully recover. Nasty little buggers…

Final show for the year at Cherry Bar AC DC Lane Melbourne – Friday 18th November.

Checkya later,
Fires out.