The first draft of next year’s China tour dates hit our inbox this week. We’re checking through the details at the moment & no doubt we’ll go back and forth a bit before we lock all the shows in. We’re a little way from any official announcement yet – but it looks as though we’ll be starting in Shanghai, April 2012.

The On Fires at Zebra Festival, China 2011.

It always gets the blood pumping when we see the first proposed tour dates. We’ve been home for over a month now & we’ve still got til March 2012 before it all starts again – which is great (It’s good to be home & not constantly moving). There’s something surreal about touring, especially the week before we leave. You look around at everything in the familiar world where you live, knowing full well that in less than 7 days you’ll be standing on a stage somewhere on the other side of the world. And the mayhem kicks off all over again…

Speaking of which, only 2 weeks til our final show for the year (and our only Aussie show for 2011) – Friday 18th November at Cherry Bar, AC DC Lane, Melbourne.

Have a good weekend!

Checkya later,
Fires out.