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Honour Amongst Thieves?

So on the weekend my wallet went missing. Turned everything over in the house. Couldn’t find it, lost sometime on Sunday arvo – not on a drunken night out or leaping around at the footy. Gone in broad, sober daylight. Very disconcerting. During the afternoon, I’d driven down to Vic St and then to Vic Gardens in search of a Skype phone – out for about 40 mins. When I went to pay, wallet was gone.

Monday morning – canceled all the cards, applied for re-issue, went down to Vic Roads – new license, etc etc.

Fast forward, today: Envelope shows up in the letterbox, addressed to me. Inside – all the cards that were in the wallet, including business cards, receipts, credit cards and license. No note, just the contents.

So, my first thought – thanks. Second thought – OK you kept the cash ($200)… and the wallet. Third thought – Is this honour amongst thieves? Fourth thought – Are they lulling me into a false sense of security for impending identity theft? Fifth thought – I’m lucky I got anything back at all. Sixth thought – what actually happened? Did they break into my car (did I leave the wallet in the centre console), did I drop it in the street (feasible) or did someone lift it from me when they bumped into me?

Who knows. Whaddaya do? More care next time, better vigilance. One thing for sure, I’ve got this creepy kinda feeling…

Checkya later.
Fires out.

China Tour Video

This video was downloaded from a Chinese TV website – filmed at Midi Festival May of this year, in Beijing. Audio cuts in and out a little…

It was show number 3 of a 16 date tour of China (the documentary film at the very top of the home page). The whole tour was an incredible experience, one of the most amazing tours we’ve done – and we murdered ourselves on Chinese chili for the whole month. The food there was insane – like nothing we expected (re Chinese food at home).

Final show for the year.
(18th Nov – Cherry Bar Melbourne)

Checkya later,
Fires out.

Final Show 2011

Ahhh, It’s a beautiful warm day in Melbourne town, as the aura of football madness begins to fade. Didn’t keep up too much with ‘Mad Monday’ (a tradition whereby after AFL Grand Final weekend respective players & fans gets nuts and/or arrested). Noticed the odd news report showing fans going crazy out at Skilled Stadium, Geelong.

Final show for the year…

Spent the day flipping between 3RRR & Triple J Radio. Back on the Rs again.

Checkya later,
Fires out.

AFL Grand Final Cat Attack

The Cats won it. A thriller until the final quarter, goal for goal, the lead changing 10 times, Collingwood fell away at the last as Geelong blew the score-board out to a 38 point victory. Certainly, a game where the final score didn’t give a fair indication of such a gripping encounter.

I was down at a local pub with a few mates and a few more beers watching the AFL Grand Final live on the big screen. Didn’t get the chance to watch the GF last year – we were finishing up a US tour before heading home in October. Gotta say, I missed it badly, doing my utmost to make up for it this year.

In the NRL Grand Final, Manly beat NZ Warriors pretty comfortably – so our housemate, Scotty will be stoked no doubt.

Spent the rest of the weekend working around the house. It’s great to be back in Melbourne. Taking a bit to get used to it, the concept of staying somewhere for longer than a month is a strange one to get our heads around.

Checkya later,
Fires out.

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