An old buddy of mine, Steve Lane, launches his brand new album tonight at the Northcote Social Club with his band The Autocrats. The band features some of Australia’s most talented players including the rhythm section from Augie March and musicians who’ve performed with Paul Kelly and Maurice Frawley.
Steve Lane and The Autocrats hit the stage tonight at 11pm.

Steve Lane & The Autocrats

Steve and I went to the same high school & played in bands together some years ago. Back then, he was a bass guitarist doing backing vocals. These days, he’s the guitarist front-man. Apparently, some old school friends will be at the show tonight – I’m definitely getting down there.

Demos Keep A Comin…
It’s an obsessive time for me right now. Just finished the third new demo song last night. These things are gripping me like a bad cold, not letting me stop until they finally drop down into a mix. I’ve gotta say, there are big changes afoot for our sound. We’re planning to release a new demo song in each monthly Hose Down eNews – sign up at the top right of this page.

Checkya later.
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