We’re looking after another Staffy called Baz. Baz belongs to Al, who’s out of town for a few days. Mojo (our dog) & Baz get along like a house on fire. They play all day, til they drop. But yesterday was different. There was an uncharacteristic yelp from Mojo followed by a halt in proceedings.

When Max went to investigate, Mojo was standing statue-still. On closer inspection, his penis had swollen to the size of a small pup, completely protruding from the ‘sleeve’ – and bleeding. Baz had bitten Mo right on the bippy apparently when Mo had been humping Baz’s face.

Seriously, that thing was protruding so badly, we wondered whether Baz had ripped off & eaten the foreskin. We separated the feisty pair and eventually, the swelling went down. Mojo spent the evening in quiet recovery – he’s almost back to normal this morning.

And now, as I look out at the backyard on this fine Monday morning, both dogs are at it again – and unbelievably, Mojo is back face-humping again. What did we learn?

: Mojo yesterday, as the monster retracts…

Checkya later,
Fires out.