Going through the Tamworth sessions today. A mass of ideas, sounds and lyrics created over the past 6 weeks in the ‘bunker’ 20 kilometres outside the northern New South Wales township. The aim: the first demos to emerge some time over the next week…

AFL Grand Final fever grips Melbourne.
Tomorrow, Collingwood (our suburb) plays Geelong (outer western city, 1 hour from Melbourne) for the AFL Premiership Cup. This week, we’ve had the Grand Final parade through Melbourne City. We’ve have the footy shows throughout the week. We’ve had the teams announced and the tipsters have cast their votes. It’s game on. The whole shebang kicks off tomorrow morning (Saturday), with game time at 2:30pm as Melbourne goes into lock-down. Collingwood look to be hot favourites, but there’s no way you could discount the Cats. This one could be a thriller. Bring it on.

And on this Friday in Melbourne town –
A thought from the Urban dictionary (www.urbandictionary.com):

1. rocks a monkeys ass
Something that is so awesome, that it just totally rocks a monkeys ass. A great moment in time. A righteous opportunity.
I just got sold out playoff tickets, that rocks a monkeys ass.

Checkya later,
Fires out.
PS listening to Biggsy’s ‘On The Blower’, 3RRR Radio Melbourne, 102.7FM.