Yep, my first day back, finally at home in Melbourne after 21 months traveling. Max arrived here about 2 weeks ago. And hasn’t Melbourne turned it on today…

The pic above: Melbourne Skyline at about 5:30pm – taken from The Age website ( photo by Tim Young).

It’s been bucketing down here all day. Massive thunder storms, flash flooding & power cuts. I left Tamworth yesterday morning (where the weather was perfect) & did the cannonball run to Melbourne in solo-record time (13hrs, 25 mins).

I’d been based about 20 kilometres outside of Tamworth (northern New South Wales) for about 6 weeks on a writing blitz. It was a totally awesome experience – prolific & experimental. Great hangin’ with my folks too. Now it’s time to dig into the ‘tapes’ & see what I’ve come up with.

Checkya later,
Fires out.