It’s no secret that Collingwood, despite some seriously dodgy umpiring decisions that robbed Hawthorn of their rightful place, will play Geelong next weekend for the profoundly glorious AFL Grand Final Premiership Cup.

The ridiculous question about whether AFL is a better game than rugby (of any code) is just a strange discussion. There is plenty of room for multiple codes of football (especially in Melbourne).

The real discussion should be about whether AFL is the greatest game on our planet. I’ve never seen anything like it. Two suburbs in a small city will play each other – the result 85,000 fans. Year in, year out. What a game. It attracts masses of women, men, kids, everybody. The WHOLE community. FAST, furiours, fair, brutal, exciting, strategic.

Grand Final next weekend. OMG – we can feel it Australia-wide. Time to rest now – but the tension will be palpable as the week draws on. Let it freekin’ rock. What a life. What a country.

Checkya later,
Fires out.
PS: The only thing bigger than football in Melbourne is Rock. 4.5 million tickets sold at AFL venues per year, 5.4 million tickets sold at local rock venues. (figures taken EOFY 2010)