Many moons ago, London film-maker Ted Beagles joined us on the road for 3 weeks on a European tour in September of 2007. We played 10 shows across 7 countries in 18 days. It was one of the toughest tours we’ve done, getting ourselves on and off trains, planes and buses with all of our gear from Amsterdam to Kiev – and miraculously arriving on time to every single sound-check.

Ted was there, capturing every moment in high definition, from the minute we woke to the second we collapsed into bed (couch or floor) after each show. The footage is still largely ‘in the can’, most of it not seen as yet. At some point in the future it’ll become part of a documentary about The On Fires, some 5 to 10 years in the making. Dancin’ Ted (affectionately called) not only followed us everywhere with a huge camera, he also kept our spirits up, cracking jokes & mimicking the locals – he continually had us in stitches.

Anyway, Ted’s been at it again. This time producing and starring in the video above. Click to view it on Vimeo. It’s a viral marketing film he’s made for a client in England.

Checkya later,
Fires out.