We’re updating the ‘daily’ Hose Down blog here once a week for the next couple of months.

In between collecting fire-wood, we’ve been writing & demo-ing new sounds, based out in the countryside 3 hours from Melbourne. It’s going great – the first real writing time we’ve had for a couple of years. Stuff’s just falling out of us, so to speak.

The shot above was taken by my mum last week. She hit a Kangaroo driving home from work. When she went back to see what had happened the roo had disappeared, leaving it’s joey (baby roo) behind in the middle of the road. So mum took the little bub back to her place. Her dog, who is a gigantic Great Dane cross, took a protective shine to it. They slept together for a few nights before the joey went off to the Kangaroo re-hab centre in Tamworth. It’ll be put back into the wild when it grows up.

Checkya next week.

Fires out.