Belated post.

It’s Sunday here in Beijing. Last night was the final show of the China tour, at Moa Live Bar. It was a big room with a big stage and a huge crowd. A great way to finish off – even if random ‘technical difficulties’ cut my guitar out during the last song (dammit). But we had fun.

It feels like our body clocks are completely smashed – the past 4 days with a show each day in a different city, with long traveling between – and hardly any sleep. Zombie people, we are.

Went down to see the forbidden temple in Beijing a few hours ago (thought we’d better sight-see something while we’re here). Just got back to the hotel, rushing because something here has attacked my elementary canal. Everything’s making it’s way through at light speed. No more spicy food…

(Kent inside Forbidden City, Beijing.)

Checkya tomorrow,
Fires out.