We’ve underway in the final leg of the China tour.

Last night we had a great show in Xin Xiang at the Ark club – crowd surfing, stage diving etc. Back at the hotel it was damned hard to wind down & sleep.

Woke up tired this morning, dragged our gear to the station & caught a train to Zengzhou. Right now – we just got back to the hotel from sound-check at Live 7. We’re on stage in two hours for an hour-long set. The drummer in the support band broke his leg today (poor guy) so, suffice to say, they won’t be opening for us.

Tonight is our third last show & the 2nd of four in a row to round out what has been an amazing tour. We finish on Saturday night in Beijing. We’re all pretty tired & running on adrenaline.

Checkya tomorrow.
Fires out.