We played Zebra Festival a couple of weeks ago in Chengdu, China. Here’s video of the last song in the set – ‘Without’.

The day before, we’d played Midi Festival in Beijing. We jumped off stage, took a bunch of photos, signed CDs, books, programs, skin, herded into waiting cabs & bolted for the air-port, via a quick stop at the hotel to pick up luggage. At the air-port the plane was delayed. We eventually got to the hotel at Chengdu in the early hours of the morning & couldn’t sleep (still hyped from the Midi show). I remember forcing myself to hit the hay when daylight started happening.

At about 9am we were up & out the door to sound-check at Zebra Festival. After that, we crashed on the floor in one of the backstage artist’s tents to the rumble of more bands sound-checking. I don’t think any of us slept, adrenaline pulsing like crazy. Then, in a blur, we were on stage & rolling.

I love this footage – we’re raw & strung out,  and playing one of our favourite songs to end the set.

Next show, tomorrow night. 4 shows to go on this tour of China.

Checkya tomorrow,
Fires out