We had a great night with John from Aloft hotels on Wed. He took us out to a lavish buffet dinner at 4 Points Hotel next door to our hotel (Aloft). We’ve been staying in a very nice part of Beijing, in a hotel precinct with manicured gardens & great restaurants.

Thoughts started racing during the night, so I didn’t sleep so well. Got up at 4am & started working with Max on the final plans for this year’s European tour in August. By 11am we were mentally spent & checked out of the hotel. Kent was doing well – still working through yesterday’s jet-lag (he flew in a couple of days later than we did).

We all caught a cab to Tom’s place (the China tour manager). Lugged all our gear up 12 flights of stairs (6 floors) & left it there to go sight-seeing for the afternoon.

Above and below: Somewhere in old part of Beijing.

Got back to the hotel, lugged the gear down the stairs, met Steven and Jane at the nearest subway & caught a series of trains with all our gear to Beijing Station. It was a harrowing experience, to say the least – trying not to injure ourselves or someone else, with thousands of people packed in all around rushing to get home.

At Beijing station we caught on overnight train, like a moving scout camp completed with rows and rows of triple bunks and hundreds of people, to Dalian for tonight’s show.

Right now we’re in a hotel waiting for sound-check in about an hour’s time at Hertz Bar.

Checkya later,
Fires out.