The final show of the tour went off with a bang at The Get Down in Asheville, North Carolina. The venue was fantastic, the staff & bar staff were friendly, laid back folk, & the crowd was great. After we played, a fantastic ska punk band from Richmond Virginia, Murphy’s Kids, cranked out an awesome set – they were so much fun & had the whole place singing and dancing along. A great way to round out a US tour.

We stayed back at the Down Town Inn – one of our favourite places on the tour (as opposed to Knights Inn in Fayetteville the night before – horrific).

On a high, we drove back to Atlanta, arriving here last night. Unpacked the trailer, returned the trailer, and went out to dinner with friends Brooke and Mick (great people). Too many Margaritas later & we were back at the ranch, Kent & Steph’s place, and collapsed into bed.

Kent & Steph’s back porch 10 minutes ago.

Today, we’re recording backing vocals in Atlanta on James Hall’s new album & running around doing a bunch of other stuff. China looms large – we leave on the weekend to begin a 5 week tour there. It’s our first time in China, so nobody knows what to expect – but to be blown away by it.

Checkya tomorrow.
Fires out.
PS: Mum, Dad – I’ll call you guys over the next couple of days.