Last night, after several hours in late-night-grid-locked traffic, we finally made it out of Fayetteville – and all the way to Asheville for tonight’s show. As posted yesterday, a tornado hit Fayetteville, devastating large sections of the town. The show was cancelled, the town was without power & people were out in force, wondering the streets. We left town in a massive traffic jam, evacuating like thousands of others.

Eventually we hit the open road, making it to Asheville at about 3am. It’s now mid afternoon & we’re sitting in a hotel room at the Down Town Inn. Sound-check is at 6pm for tonight’s show at The Get Down.

We dropped into the venue just before closing, on our way through last night. It’s a fantastic little club. Looking forward to the show tonight – the final show of this US tour (which feels like it’s come and gone in the blink of an eye). We’ll be back touring the US again in the Fall.

Marty on the roof-top at the Down Town Inn, Asheville, North Carolina.

The China tour begins in just over a week from now.

Checkya tomorrow.
Fires out.