Yesterday, we spent the day at Mowery Auto Repairs in Cleveland, Tenessee, getting the tour bus fixed. Derek, the mechanic there, worked tirelessly all day (& made a work space for us in the garage). When he’d finished replacing the water pump, and a fixing a few other probs with the bus, he gave us an incredibly generous invoice & sent us on our way. It’s people like Derek that keep the show on the road & we can’t thank him enough. The tour bus is running really smooth now.

A few hours later we arrived at The Down Town in Morristown (Tenessee), with a couple of hours to spare before the show. The Down Town is a fantastic venue – run by passionate live music lovers, Alan and Pattie. It was a pleasure and an honour to play there last night. We hung out with the guys after the show, sharing tour tales and stories of running a live music venue in tough economic times. They’re great people, committed to the cause of keeping their beloved live band venue alive. The look and atmosphere of The Down Town reminded us of Melbourne’s Yak Bar (where we first got our start). We had a ball.

(Blurry Shot of Pattie and Alan at The Down Town)

Right now, we’ve just landed in Nashville for a show tonight at The 5 Spot. I’m about to jump out of the bus and take a look.

Checkya tomorrow,
Fires out.

PS: pics from last night on Facebook.