We had a great show last night in a small town called Cleveland in Tennessee. The venue – Inherent Records, a cool little record store with a monster PA and great atmosphere. A crowd of local music lovers came out & made it a great night. The guys who run the store were really nice people with a passion for keeping independent music alive.

(Friends at Inherent Records)

Prior to the show, the bus overheated 5 miles from town. We pulled over, let it cool down, jumped back in & made a dash for the venue. We got there just in time for set up, steam and water flowing from the engine bay. A local girl, Rebecca, called her friend Derek (a local mechanic). He came down, checked it out & diagnosed a blown water pump. The bus was parked right there for the night. It was a rough kinda night – not a lotta sleep in the bus (5 of us sprawled out with all the gear). Derek rolled up again at 8:30am & we followed him to his workshop in Cleveland. We’re still there now. Looks like he’s nearly finished replacing a bunch of suspect parts including the water pump. It’s been a long day for him (tough job).

Hopefully we’re on the road shortly. We need to get to the next town, Morristown, for a show tonight at The Down Town on Main Street. It’s a 2 hour drive away. Fingers crossed, after today the bus will be rocking for the rest of the tour.

Checkya tomorrow.
Fires out.