Went out for Mexican food last night. Pounded the chili sauce and paid for it this morning.

We had a great rehearsal today, despite one of my pedals being half wrecked by customs/baggage handlers, flying from Canada to Atlanta early this week.

Tonight, Max and I saw our first basketball game at Phillips Arena, Atlanta. Kent & Steph’s team, The Hawks, went down to the Denver Nuggets by about 15 points. It was a pretty tight, exciting game for most of it, Atlanta falling off just at the end (they played last night & ran out of gas).

US basketball is a big production; cheer squad, kiss-cam, acrobats, prizes for guessing trivia questions, a giant screen hanging in the middle of the arena like a Floyd concert, and fluffy toys parachuting from the arena roof to dozens of lucky recipients below (Kent caught one and gave it to Max). We ate a bunch of healthy sports food – hotdogs, nachos, crepes, fried chicken etc. Then, the long ride home in Atlanta traffic.

We’re all sitting down in Kent & Steph’s basement now, chilling out at the end of a kinda long day. Guitar Center tomorrow to replace the broken pedal.

Checkya tomorrow,
Fires out.