We just got in at the hostel in Toronto. It’s 11am. Got to sleep at 2am this morning. Things were a little noisy in the apartment last night.

Woke at 3:45am. Lugged the cases down-stairs. Cab arrived at 4:15. Boston’s Logan Airport by 5am. Checked in, did the security thing – shoes off, unpacked everything, coins out of pockets, belt off, everything on the conveyor & through the x-ray screener. Then re-pack everything & get dressed again. 7am flight from Boston to Toronto. Arrive Toronto Airport at 9am. Through customs & immigration, which was fairly easy going. Seemed like they wanted to chat more than interrogate. Cab to the hostel & here we are.

The room here won’t be ready for another couple of hours. Jeeeeze we need to crash. Zombies on wi-fi in the hostel dining room.

The snow seemed on it’s way out in Boston. Not so, here in Canada. There’s a snow storm going on right now.

Checkya tomorrow.
Fires out.