Mat Ward is our Pledger Of The Week.
What a guy! Here’s a little about Mat:

“I pledged because Max and Marty have been present during the best and the worst times of my life and they’ll never have anything other than my complete support. They are great friends who make great music and deserve to be very successful so that when they’re rich and famous I can sponge off them.”

Much love and thanks to Mat (and that really is him in the pic).

Become a Pledger to The On Fires ‘Chook Raffle Tour USA’, just like Mat, by Clicking on this pic (or the pic to the right of this page).

You’ll visit our official Pledge page. Once there, you can sign up & download a free MP3 – and view our Pledge tour campaign.

And that’s where things really get interesting…

For as little as $10 you can join us on this US tour, with exclusive updates, pics and tales from the road & goings-on inside the tour bus. We’ve also got an exclusive MP3 ready for you to download when you sign up. And we’ll be giving all our Pledgers an exclusive EP download, recorded live across America, on this tour.

Pledging to our upcoming US tour will give you a more intimate experience, inside the touring world of The On Fires.

But wait, there’s more:

You can also Pledge for some amazing tour stuff. Fancy a pair of drum sticks, signed by our drummer (that’s Kent Aberle, folks)? Or how about a personal bed-time story from the road? A personal tour of the tour-bus just for you? Signed tour posters? Our tour t-shirts (straight off our backs)? Wanna introduce the band on stage in New York City?

There’s a bunch of fantastic stuff you can Pledge for. Join us on the road this US tour, starting next month – Pledge to The On Fires.

Checkya tomorrow.
Fires out.