We’re proud & very pleased to announce American live music website URockHard.com® as the major sponsor for our forthcoming US tour.

The North American ‘Chook Raffle Tour’ starts March 11th at Canadian Music Week before we fly to Atlanta, Georgia to meet the URockHard® film crew. We kick off the US stint of the tour in Tennessee aboard URockHard’s tour bus, heading south through Alabama, Georgia and Florida before longhauling to the north eastern states (New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania). The final leg of the tour will take us through Maryland and the Carolinas back to Atlanta.

URockHard.com® founder, Kevin Belanger, heard of us after a rave review from a show in Athens, Georgia last year. Inspired to catch our live show, Kevin asked to film us in Boston during last year’s tour.

We formed a bond (Kevin’s a great guy!) and now in 2011 URockHard.com® will create a ‘rockumentary’ featuring our March/April tour on the UrockHard® tour bus. They’ll also record live performances of bands we meet along the way. URockHard’s mission is to show the world real people and raw music with The On Fires as their centrepiece. We’re pretty happy about that!

Checkya tomorrow.
Fires out.