After yesterday’s post, I packed up & made my way back to the apartment from Front Sreet Cafe in Salem. On the way, I stopped in at John’s place, around the corner.

John at Santora’s Cafe

He lives above, & works in, our local diner, Santora Cafe. The food there is fantastic. Anyway, one thing lead to another. There was some jamming, Jager shots & too many beers. It was late when I left. Back at the apartment, Derek was working on a hip-hop song with a mate of his, microphone and stand, wires & notebooks spread about the lounge. He was into it, working with beats all night. I think they finished around 6am.

For some strange reason, we’re both pretty tired today. Been down to Guitar Center again (not a good idea on the weekend – really crowded), and Radioshack, trying to get my guitar rig together. Nearly there, but it’s kinda frustrating. I’d expected to have everything together by today (I’m messing with a bunch of new pedals). We were cabbing between stores, not quite able to get everything we needed. In the end, we gave up, retreating to the apartment.

I’m a bit homesick at the moment. Last year, the first month was the hardest. I’ve got this feeling it might take a little longer to get over this time.

Checkya tomorrow,
Fires out.