Called Mum from Boston late last night, at the peak of the evening. Hi Mum, I’m OK today (a little tired & slight headache – but OK).

The shot below from last weekend in Australia: My Dad and Ronda, at their local football club, with Aussie Rules Football stars, Daniel Hanneberry and Mike Pyke.

Dad and Ronda, champions of the Football cause, frequently organise clinics at local schools and clubs for aspiring youngsters. Dad’s also the coach of a local team & Ronda’s the club secretary. They live in a small country town on the east coast between Sydney and Brisbane, spreading the AFL gospel in Australia’s rugby heartland. The AFL (Australian Football League – based in Melbourne) regularly send star players up to visit Dad & Ronda to help recruit young players to our great game. And a great game it is, indeed – one of the things we miss most when we’re away from home.

And, by way of demonstration for our friends around the world, check the video below. Aussie Rules highlights – Big Marks (catches)…

Sitting in a cafe in Salem, Massachusetts right now. Getting dark out there. Might be time to make my way back to the apartment…

Checkya tomorrow.
Fires out.