Epic mission today. Cab to Salem. Caught a country train down to Boston (the train had WiFi). 2 more trains to the other side of Boston and Guitar Center. The trip took about 2 hours in the midst of a snow storm. Stayed at Guitar Center for about 5 hours. It’s possible to get totally lost & absorbed in that place.

Walked out with a bunch of gear at 9pm. Ukraine cab driver took me back to North Station in Boston where I caught a ‘purple line’ train home. Looks as through the worst part of the storm will hit overnight. Schools have canceled classes for tomorrow.

Hope ya had a good Australia Day, Aussies.

Checkya tomorrow.
Fires out.
PS. Mum, I know what you’re thinking – “why does he always pull those stupid f*cken faces?” …
PSS. Douglas Mawson was an Aussie Antarctic explorer (OK, wrong pole but you get the idea)