I like this track by Welsh band, Stereophonics. I’ve bought a few of their albums, my favourite being 1999’s ‘Performance and Cocktails’. Vocalist, Kelly Jones, could pretty much sing a nursery rhyme and it’d sound like a hit. He’s got one of those great rock voices (gravel & croon etc). In this particular clip they’re telling the tale of tour loneliness, isolation and so on. Which seems odd at first glance with the huge crowds, classy hotels, parties etc etc. That said, I found myself identifying with the story throughout the course of this year – I’d put the video on pretty frequently. Cool song too.

Stereophonics have been around for nearly 20 years (how the time flies). They’ve been particularly big in the UK, and sometimes the US – with little fanfare in Australia. When I discovered them in the late 90’s I was sure they’d be huge in Oz – but radio wouldn’t play them and the whole thing went under the radar, while the rest of the world lapped it up. I guess listening to them when we’re out touring makes me feel closer to home.

On a sad note, the band’s orginal drummer, Stuart Cable (who features in the video preview above – that’s him on the bike), died this year after a massive drinking binge. He was 40 years old.

Checkya tomorrow.

Fires out.