Our Texan buddies, Chris and Kevin, who were our rhythm section for the southern US tour earlier this year – and for Europe in July – hail from their own band, House Of Moist.

Kevin and partner Stacey invited us to stay at their place in Houston twice this year before different tours. Lovely guys – and an absolute pleasure to hang out with, they took us into their lives for the short time we were there, and treated us like family. Amazingly, I still have some good recollection of sitting up late with Kevin, after a beer or 10, usually followed by a series of Vodka night-caps.

House of Moist is Kevin and Chris’s band (that’s Kev on drums – hitting damned hard as he does). They’ve been around a while, playing shows all over the US including repeat appearances at Summerfest in Milwaukee. The shots above were taken at Houston’s Warehouse Live in 2008. It’s an edgy metal sound, layered heavy guitars & gritty vocals. Check their Myspace.

Checkya tomorrow.
Fires out.