Another Monday & we have some classic Monday-itus here at ‘the Fire Dept’. A big weekend it was, starting Friday night at Vibe in Smith St, Fitzroy, then Saturday night BBQing out here at the farm which spilled well into Sunday. Just a little shaky today.

Here’s another video featuring a band we listened to a lot on the road this year – Butthole Surfers. The song in the video, Shame of Life, was released later on in the band’s career.

The Butthole Surfers hail from Texas USA and were renowned for crazed and disturbed live shows. They hammered themselves with psychedelic drugs which, not surprisingly, had a major influence on their sound. They were so wild at their shows (both on and off the stage) that promoters and festival organisers were continually in the dilemma of loathing to work with the band – but booking them anyway as fierce demand grew for their twisted, debauched live shows.

I particularly like this song and video. The Buttholes have melded a punk ethos into an electro sound – while retaining the twisted, lyrical nature and imagery of the band. (we played this song continually during the mid year tour of Poland)

Checkya tomorrow,

Fires out.