Just got home from Stalk’s place (few beers). But earlier today, pen to paper & here’s the list of great folk who joined us on stage at Cherry Bar, Saturday night:

(as it happens, many names starting with ‘M’ – and Max & I aren’t in there)

Mike Gallichio – Bass and Backing Vocals. Sexy Suave, debonair – he does it while he’s rollin’… then he rolls.
Mick Brown – Drums. Always a steady firm hand, shirt on, shirt off.
Mark Gardner – Trumpet, heavy hitter, Miles on the mind.
Mike Carney and Stalk – Backing Vocals. Mike – The Church, Stems, Triffids, Saints (what a guy). Stalk – tribal leader with the voice of a man well equipped.
Campbell McCance – Bagpipes in Group Therapy. An institution, ever-ready to sooth the savage beast – then let it loose.
Renata Iorio – Guest Lead Vocals in White Riot. Rockin’ queen in a pint-sized tidal wave.
Pete Schmidt – Chook Raffle Draw. Big talkin, big doin’, big givin’.
Random Sky Caves In Dancers. Who were those guys – game, they were.


Last week we released this video as part of our monthly Hose Down e-news letter (direct to your inbox if you’re signed up to our mail list). We love this…

Checkya tomorrow.

Fires out.