Saturday night’s show at Equinox Rocks was one of the wildest we’ve seen this year. The mighty Dallas Frasca and band took the stage to headline after our set (and we thought we were out there). I remember her climbing up on someone’s shoulders, mic in hand shouting at the crowd ‘I thought you guys were supposed to be extreme!. Come on!!!’.

The crowd went nuts several times throughout the set and, I must say, the energy took on an S&M vibe when her guitarist proceeded to pelvic-thrust at the floor whilst spread-eagle over his guitar. That’s when he wasn’t hanging up-side-down from the rafters. There were moments when Dallas became the ‘bondage master’ (audience members invited onto the stage to ‘pump’).

Above: Dallas and guitarist.

From the haze I recall myself and a bunch of other crowd members holding her guitarist up on a boogie board while he surfed his way through a lead break, finally releasing the parachute strapped to his back.

A truly no-holes-barred rock and roll show, drenched in the blues like only Dallas can.

Above: our set at Equinox Sat night.

Photos thanks again to Mr Mat Ward.

Seeya tomorrow night at the Annandale in Sydney. Check the Shows page for more details (2nd last Aussie tour show).

Checkya tomorrow.
Fires out.

PS: below – shot of Marty sky-diving at the Equinox Festival