Back in Australia – arrived yesterday on a flight to Sydney from LA. Slept for most of it – woke up & saw we had about 2 hours left (14 hour flight). Takes a while to get used to turbulence on long flights & we had plenty on this one. Always gets bumpy flying across the Pacific…

Took this shot (below) this morning. We’re way out in the country side near Tamworth, New South Wales, staying in a house on the side of a long valley. It’s a freekin awesome place to beat the jet-lag & kick back with a beer or two.

The first of our east coast Aussie tour dates begin next week, Friday 15th at The Great Northern – Byron Bay and Saturday 16th at Equinox Rocks festival in QLD.

Video coming from the last weekend (4 dates) of the tour including The Saint in Asbury Park & Castaways – Ithaca, New York. The Saint was amazing. We’ll have the footage up here shortly.

Checkya tomorrow,
Fires out.