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Video from Binghampton + Lucky 7 Jersey City Tonight.

We’re playing a show at Lucky 7 Jersey City tonight. Check the Shows page for address details. Click on the pic below to go to their website…

We had a great weekend, driving to upstate NY for a show at Bingampton University. Check the video below for in-tour-van footage & behind-the-scenes goings ons…

Seeya at Lucky 7 tonight. We had a killer show their last time (March this year).

Checkya tomorrow with pics from the show,
Fires out.

Lucky 7 – Tue Night Jersey City USA

One of our favourite shows on the March US tour, earlier this year, was at Lucky 7 in Jersey City. And tomorrow (Tuesday night) we return there to give it up again.

It’s a cool little bar, an intimate show to say the least. When you’re standing on the bar, you’re watching the drinks positioned around your feet, trying not to kick anything over. Eye to eye, right in there with the crowd – just how we love it.

Check the Shows page for more Lucky 7 details if ya need em. (pic above – Lucky 7)

Video coming from the weekend show at Binghamton University tomorrow (just finished processing).

Fires out.

Back From Binghamton U

5pm on this fine Sunday afternoon in Jersey City & we just got up. Longest day yesterday – started at 8am and finished at 8am this morning. Made our way from Jersey City (our base for the next two weeks) to up-state NY, Binghamton Uni.

We had the best time there. The show was great fun. we were totally spent by the end of it – and the uni crowd were fantastic. On Fires t-shirts worn around the room – awesome.

Belt were on after us & they were great. One of the best bands we’ve played with, really funny, quirky indie-rock with an edge. Check out their MySpace – particularly the song ‘In America’.

When Belt were done, about 1:30am, we loaded out & hit the road back to New York, dropped Owen off near his place in Manhattan, dropped Kent back to Newark airport NJ, dropped the tour van back & cabbed to Jersey City by 8am. Needless to say we’re still a little out of it, body-clocks smashed into next week.

Video coming from yesterday, featuring the ride through Pennsylvania to up-state NY in the tour van,  amazing scenery. Just processing now…

Checkya tomorrow,
Fires out.
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PSSS: Below, our first Australian October tour date –

This Sat Night at Binghamton Uni NY

Show tomorrow night at Late Night, Binghamton University – upstate New York. We’re in the Undergrounds, a cool little room in the Union Building.

Seeya there.

It’s a long haul tomorrow. We’ll be starting out in Jersey City, Driving to Binghampton Uni, playing the show, then back to Jersey City (by about 6am). One of us has a flight down to Atlanta & needs to be at Newark air-port nice and early.

Checkya tomorrow.
Fires out.

Anthony’s Miami Shots

Our Floridian friend Anthony, who also happens to be a gun photographer, took these shots at our Miami show weekend before last. We met Anthony earlier this year – a friend of our host, Rach, in Lake Worth FL. These are two of my favourite pics – and there’s a whole lot more up on Facebook.

Checkya tomorrow,
Fires out.
PS: We’ll miss you Vagrants (Tuesday’s post).

Vagrants – Farewell

This post will be a little longer than usual.

Tonight we say farewell to The Vagrants, our partners in crime at many a show both in Australia and overseas.

What made the Vagrants special for me was their sense of integrity. Steve and Ren kept their word, amidst all the chaos of this industry, time and again – they kept their word.

No matter what, they were always ready to give their time to help and support others. They’d invite us to their place to talk about overseas touring. We’d talk about how to navigate the music industry – the pitfalls, the highs, the lows and the rip-offs. Occasionally we’d just hang out…

They were, and are, a delight to be around.

I was a little shocked and saddened to read on Facebook, today, that they’d called it a day (they were like a rock). Here was a band that should have been big. A band that should have had radio and the broader industry support. After years of tireless effort, arduous touring and forever helping others – enough was enough for Steve and Renata – the burden of a thankless, blood-sucking industry too heavy at last.

Steve and Ren, it was a pleasure and an honour to have played on stage with you, to have played on line-ups with you, to have worked with you overseas. You Rocked.

The On Fires salute you from the bottom of our hearts. All the very best & may the future hold exciting and joyful stuff for you guys.

Vagrants – you will be sadly missed.

Fires out.

Jersey City USA

Here in Jersey City. Got in a few hours ago. Arrived at LaGuardia airport & took a cab across NYC, through the Holland tunnel and into the world of New Jersey. It feels different from New York, right away. Not as crazy or fast. We’re sharing a flat with a Ukrainian woman. Already feel at home.

The weather here is nice – the fall is well underway, winter around the corner. But, for now, 70 deg F (or 21 deg C) doesn’t hurt as bad as Florida this morning.

Shot below, Max gets airborne in Athens Georgia (last week)…

This pic taken by the wonderful Jen D Rafanan.

Checkya tomorrow,
Fires out.

Leaving Florida

On a plane to New York.

Checkya tomorrow,
Fires out.

Atlanta, Georgia to Lake Worth, Florida Video

Back here in Lake Worth, Florida – a long day driving yesterday from Atlanta, Georgia. Got in at midnight.

We had such a great time in Georgia. The guys (rhythm section) were not only fantastic but great, great people. I felt like I’d known them all my life by the time we were done – 3 days playing together. Sad to leave. The crowds were great too – especially Athens.

The vid blog below shot at the Atlanta show, Wed night. Beware – the bar maid gets a little blue in the 2nd half…

We played 2 long sets in Athens on Thursday night. We had so much fun, the crowd were great, the band played a blinder.

Shots below: Top: Jen and Al at The Athens Show @ Rye Bar (Thursday night).  Bottom: Max and friends just after the Rye Bar show.

Check Facebook for more shots. And Flickr for even more shots.

Think I might go slouch and have a beer or three now – it’s Sat night.

Checkya tomorrow,

Fires out.

Athens Was SO Good.

Great show in Athens tonight. Kicked. We just got in, back in Atlanta. 90min drive after the show. Car stinking with the sweat. Good thing: we’re in a room at the end of the hall. The trash room and stairwell between us and the rest of the hotel. That’s a good thing, very good indeed. Noise & plumes unnoticed.

Alright, we’re on the road again tomorrow. 11 hours back to Palm Beach, Florida. Some kind of bed now…

Checkya tomorrow,
Fires out.

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