The latest Somewhere In The World video is ready for release in our next ‘Hose Down’ eNews. Each month, wherever we are, we get together with local artists and friends – and record a song to video.

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The next edition of Hose Down is out Tuesday morning – direct to your inbox. The video below was released back in July’s edition (it’s one of our favourites).

We dropped over to Manhattan tonight to pick up a guitar and bass amp for the tour shows starting tomorrow. Took a wrong turn & ended up lugging the amps away from the Path station instead of torwards it. Took us a while to wake up – so we’re a little sore now, after the extra (unnecessary) endurance.

And in the morning we hit the road for Castaway’s in Ithaca tomorrow night, the first of tour dates – to end our US tour. Check the Shows page for details & we’ll see ya there.

Checkya tomorrow,

Fires out.